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Busy as the bees

It’s been a busy start to another wonderful week!

I was able to give the girls rides on the old motorcycle for the first time this year. Instead of crying, Lily loves it now! Jazz always enjoys riding outside!

Bees are busy freeing the queens and collecting pollen.

Our To Do list is long but we are working hard to knock some of the projects out on it!

Good luck on your week’s plans!

New Alpaca!

We looked at new alpacas today and picked out a great looking new herdsire for our small herd. He has a great temperment, good color, awesome crimp, low micron count and his sister just placed Grand Champion! Looking forward to great things from him in the offspring and maybe even some shows!

Furnace flames…

After having the pilot light go out due to a bad thermocoupler, and getting it replaced. It went out again. Now when the heat trys to turn on it randomly decides to shoot flames out! Not what I had planned for this week! So the repair man will be back again today and hopefully they will be able to solve the problem without too much trouble this time!